Monday, July 22, 2013

Random work

     This is one of my first attempts coloring a picture in with gimp. Yes I know I got lazy and chopped their feet off, but my point is the coloring not the feet!=b I guess I forgot to color in Astutia's eyes now that I look at it.
     This coloring job came before I settled on the skin color for the people from the Country Revealed by the Sun so they are redder then I meant them to be in this picture. I finally settled with the skin tone that you can see it the first page. (lets hope I can avoid messing up the colors when I start coloring in the other pages btw I'm thinking about coloring page two very soon here.)
     Oh yeah I just finished drawing the pictures for pages 8-9 so you might start seeing some of those later. For now though, I'm calling it a night.