Thursday, October 17, 2013

NaNoWrMo goal is going to take over for a bit

Well I guess I'm going to be putting this on hold again. Next month I'm going to be trying to win the NaNoWrMo(national novel writing month.) I'm going to try to use this Inpar story for it and see if I can do a better job writing writing this story then drawing it. Well I don't plan on quitting the comic but it will probably be hard for my to keep constant updates....I was already having trouble keeping to my schedule so things are going to get even more sporadic. If I finish writing the story and editing it I might add it to amazon and if anyone is interested they can buy it and read that version of the story. It does seem to be a completely different version of the story from what I started with.

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Trying something new with page 20

So I'm thinking I'm going to try something a little different for this next page. First I'm going to try adding a few manipulated photos to help me with the background. You can see an example of this above. It will look a little "different" but it will be better then not having a back ground at all.

Next I'm going to make the length of the next page as long as six of my normal pages. I don't know if you've seen how some Korean webtoons do it but it will be something like that. If I make a page like that once a week I won't feel guilty for only doing one since it will be three times as much as I normally would have done.

Anyways thats what I'm going to try next since Ater and Astutia are now going to have a few more interactions with public places.

Page 20

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