Sunday, July 21, 2013

Pages 6-7 work

 Alright here I am at the dreaded dialog part. I very good at being a narrator but lets see if I can actually pull off telling the story from a first or second person point of view. I hope this wont be too stilted.

I am planning on the people from The Land Revealed by the Sun(aka the horned people) to be darker skinned so I guess these pages I'm giving you aren't anywhere near as finished as I felt they were. I need to try adding some shading in these pages. Well I let you know when I do that.

Also these posts of mine might slow down to maybe 1-2 page posts a week. Sorry but I'm really not very fast at this sort of thing but don't worry I'm on a roll so they wont disappear.

(I really want more posts then that so you might get lucky but that's all I'm promising you.)