Sunday, July 28, 2013


Another first attempt at coloring. I don't like this one as much.

Yes I have yet to start the drawings for the next couple pages. One thing. I think one of the pages I'm going to be adding next will be squeezing in a new page between pages 8 and 9 there just seems like there should be a picture or two more of the grandma and grandpa. I'll be bumping some of the text from page 8 over onto the new page 9.

Anyways everything is going to shift a bit so I'm thinking I'm going to hurry and make colored and edited versions of 8-9-10 so that everything flows right. (I repeat I hate coloring in these pages but they only look half good if they are colored.) So yeah we'll be seeing those soon.

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Evil Eyes test run

So I was trying to make the evil eye on this drawing of mine. I'm not sure if this is exactly right but I like the results.

Example of evil eye. Mine isn't as cool looking as this one. By the way this comes from the webtoon "I don't want this kind of hero." Its a really funny read.

Friday, July 26, 2013

Playing with Gimp while trying to cartoonify a photo

Guess where this is. Its a photo my aunt took while she was over in Korean. It isn't a place I have ever been to and it doesn't look like I'll ever go there but oh well. (feels the jealousy monster growing inside her.)
Same picture after putting it in gimp and cartooning it. Mask 50 percent black 700
with this one I made duplicate layers with one I messed with the thresholds and then turned the layer mode to value. In the end I got this. Would probably look better with a brighter colored photo.
This is with soft light mode.
Well that seems to be then end for that round of experiments. I was trying to make this photo look like a cartoon but I don't think it worked. I heard that a lot of Korean webtoons use real photos in their drawings by making them look like cartoons. Maybe a bit too fancy for what I'm up to but I wouldn't mind trying to make a webtoon that looks like Trace, Noblesse or any of those other types. Well give me practice and I'll get there I think.

Page 10


Page 11 work

Tried to show Ater sighing here. I was getting a bit annoyed with her never having eyes so I tried this "almost-has-eyes" approach. Lets see if it sets well with me.

I really need to stabilize Astutia's body type. In one picture she looks like a guy and in the next she's this cutey. Love this picture of her by the way.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Page 10 work

Yes I DO have a fear of feet so sue me!
Here's a drawing for page 10. I'm really hating the drawings for page 10 but I'll work with it. I get the feeling I doing more telling then showing in this story so far. I'll try to work on that but to be very truthful I'm more of a writer and a really bad drawer so bare with me no matter how this story turns out. (please?)
 Oh yeah page 11 is starting to look good so maybe I won't have a problem. I'm gonna post them together since I hate page 10 but page 11 is looking good. Maybe they will cancel each other out and leave a little good behind. Save that for tomorrow though.

Page 3

Wednesday, July 24, 2013


Try guessing where this is.
One of my first attempts at coloring a drawing.
Oh yeah I just finished the drawings for page 10 of Inpar so I'm moving on to 11 but I'm not 100% health-wise right now so I might be a bit slow. I am seeing more dialog going on in this one but I get the feeling that until the story gets on its feet I'm going to be narrating off and on.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Page 9

Page 9 work

      Well it looks like I'm still going to be narrating in these pages which is a relief for me. I'm so scared of dialog between characters for some reason. I REALLY don't want the dialog to feel stilted!
     I think it might help my stilted problem if I have more then one type of speech bubble per page. Kinda like what I did with page 6-7. I think it made it flow better.

Page 2

Page 8

Page 8 work

 Don't mind the words I wrote in pencil. They will be erased later I just couldn't crop them off. I tend to write the dialog/narration on the drawings so I can keep track of whats happening.

(Kinda hate this drawing to the left but whatever.)

Monday, July 22, 2013

Random work

     This is one of my first attempts coloring a picture in with gimp. Yes I know I got lazy and chopped their feet off, but my point is the coloring not the feet!=b I guess I forgot to color in Astutia's eyes now that I look at it.
     This coloring job came before I settled on the skin color for the people from the Country Revealed by the Sun so they are redder then I meant them to be in this picture. I finally settled with the skin tone that you can see it the first page. (lets hope I can avoid messing up the colors when I start coloring in the other pages btw I'm thinking about coloring page two very soon here.)
     Oh yeah I just finished drawing the pictures for pages 8-9 so you might start seeing some of those later. For now though, I'm calling it a night.

Pages 4-5 work

Page 7

Page 6

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Pages 6-7 work

 Alright here I am at the dreaded dialog part. I very good at being a narrator but lets see if I can actually pull off telling the story from a first or second person point of view. I hope this wont be too stilted.

I am planning on the people from The Land Revealed by the Sun(aka the horned people) to be darker skinned so I guess these pages I'm giving you aren't anywhere near as finished as I felt they were. I need to try adding some shading in these pages. Well I let you know when I do that.

Also these posts of mine might slow down to maybe 1-2 page posts a week. Sorry but I'm really not very fast at this sort of thing but don't worry I'm on a roll so they wont disappear.

(I really want more posts then that so you might get lucky but that's all I'm promising you.)

Page 5

Page 4

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Page 3

Page 2

Page 2-3 work

Okay here are some of the pictures for pages 2-3. Not very happy stuff I know but it setting the scene.

Oh yeah I have pretty much given up on coloring these pages in BUT I am thinking about putting one or two colors in each page just for emphasis. Like the next two pages will have a few spots of red but not much else for coloring.

Yeah...a lot happening in this scene.