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     Welcome to the blog for my purely for fun comic called Inpar. I hope you enjoy watching/reading my work here. 
     This story will be based in another world where two people are constantly fighting. We will be reading the story of the main character, Ater, who was born with the red pupils that mean she will someday lead the people of The Land Hidden by the Moon. Thanks to a treaty between these two countries she was sent to the enemy's country, The Land Revealed by The Sun when she was just a baby and raised in secret by the leader of the enemy's country. This is where I will start my story and I hope I do it well.

Here is a Facebook page I'm starting for this.
   Here is an easy way for you to find the pages for this story. Also if you want an easy way to just flip to the next page once you start, I will be adding a link to the next and previous pages at the bottom of each page post.

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