Friday, July 19, 2013

Page 1 work

People from this land will be characterized by having horns and darker skin.   As you will soon read when I put more pages up only the leader has four horns everyone else has 3-1 horns. 

So here are the drawings that I made for the first page of my comic. I am still working on getting the courage to post this work as I go, so I will repeat I am not good at what I am attempting to do here, so please keep in mind that this is purely for fun, and if you guys happen to like what you see here then all the better.

Well putting my insecurities aside for a bit to your left you will find one of the first drawings I have made of a person from The Land Revealed by The Sun.

Next we have a map of the world I'm setting this story in. The Land Revealed by The Sun is the one to the left and will be mostly grasslands, mountains and rivers. The Land Hidden by the Moon which is to the right will be mountains forests and rivers.
This drawing bugs me more and more the longer I look at it. The longer you look at it the more it looks like this guy is going to fall over backwards. Lets have a look at those tiny feet while we are at it. Yes I need to practice.
And so I took all those drawings one gimp program and smooshed them together to get something like this. I don't know about you but this looks like a good first page 1 attempt if you ask me. I'll put the finish and colored page 1 up in a post soon but not today.